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Nice :)

Leah, 30 Jan 2021

Great food and friendly staff

Cat, 19 Jan 2021

Food is always hot I love the grilled donner meat should look into red donner me

Nico, 11 Jan 2021


Nico, 09 Jan 2021

Excellent service

Rob, 31 Dec 2020

Josh, 24 Dec 2020

Second time they haven’t done my order in time so had to wait in store for t m to make it. USE YOUR SYSTEM, CHECK YOUR ORDERS

Rachel, 23 Dec 2020

1h waiting

Thais, 19 Dec 2020


Gemma, 19 Dec 2020

Absolutely abysmal and we won't do business again. Ordered 1:40 minutes ago and now being told it will be another hour after being told 20 minutes ago that it was on its way. I want my money back.

Adam, 16 Dec 2020


Never Arrived

Sclark, 13 Dec 2020

My 9" Garlic Bread with cheese & mushroom had been made without mushroom. The nice guy in the shop remade it for me. Unfortunately when I got home my 14" Hot & Spicy Calzone was completely wrong. It contained cheese, tomatoes, onion & donor meat. NO PEPPERONI and NO CHILLI'S. Hugely disappointing as not what I ordered.

Paul, 08 Dec 2020

The food has always been spot on from here very tasty and also comes hot . Lovely place

Tam, 13 Nov 2020

Food always good standard

John, 07 Nov 2020

Hi there How are you? Hopefully you're well! My name is Lewis, I'm a stand-up comedian based in Manchester. I wanted to get in touch regarding Puccinos - I have a proposal you may be interested in! To give you some background on me, I've been able to perform all over the country, as well as in places like New York, Toronto and Edinburgh for the Fringe festival. I've opened for guys like Ed Byrne and Johnny Vegas, as well as being an additional writer for Russell Howard's Good News on BBC3, and doing my first little UK tour on my own last year.  I'm messaging about an idea I've been developing over the past month - starting in November, I'm going to be releasing a weekly series on YouTube, which sees me take a funny look at the news. The videos will only be short, 3-5 minutes usually, but because they're consistently uploaded on a weekly basis, we should be able to generate a growing audience.  As part of this series, I'm looking to partner up with local businesses who have an online presence - each episode, I'll have a small number of sponsors I'll be profiling, and I thought it'd be great to work with you as part of this. I'm looking at offering a sponsorship package with two parts as follows -  1) I will feature the Puccinos website in the YouTube video description, along with a short bio of the business. No other businesses in your niche would be featured in your episode, and with our planned promo campaign, along with sharing the video with my online following (just shy of 10,000 followers), I'd be beyond confident that the video should generate at least 2000 views in the first two weeks - the link to your website will stay in the video description permanently, so that number will constantly grow. 2) I will also feature Puccinos in a thread following the episode release on my Twitter titled 'Friends Of The Show', with a logo, a bio and a link to the website. Again, no other businesses in your niche would be featured in this thread for your episode. My Tweets have had over 147,000 unique impressions in the last 28 days alone, so it's quite a significant amount of people - more than happy to send evidence of this. I'm offering the above package for £50. It's a good, low cost opportunity to generate exposure, and because the YouTube link stays there permanently, you should continue to see traffic over time. No problem at all if not, but if you might be interested in this, please let me know. It'd be good to work something out! Thanks in advance, Lewis --

Lewis Costello, 02 Nov 2020

Always great service

Sarah, 14 Oct 2020

Great food great service.

Ricky, 13 Oct 2020

Food is always good and reasonable prices

Ria, 13 Oct 2020

Very slow delivery

Mark, 01 Oct 2020

Always very good

Ria, 21 Sep 2020

Always on time and always properly cooked

Ricky, 19 Sep 2020


although the regular chicken tika and Donna kebabs were small, it arrived early, was hot, cooked and very tasty. driver was friendly and even shut our gate. very pleased with this order, food and service.

Kimberley, 12 Sep 2020


Ali, 12 Sep 2020

Excellent service gawjuss food

M, 16 Mar 2019

Food is always hot and delivery is fast!

Evaldas, 09 Mar 2019


Danielle, 08 Mar 2019